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Smart Academy - Decoupled Drupal 8 IoT Project - DrupalCamp Pannonia

In the first day of DrupalCamp Pannonia, we heard guys from Studio Present, Vladan, Goran and Atila, talking about Smart Academy - Decoupled Drupal 8 IoT Project.

Academy - system control is an all in one solution for hotels, student dorms, retail centers, smart buildings. and all kind of public, residential places with many rooms and residents.

With this system you can control:

  • Heating
  • Air Conditioners
  • Lightning
  • Entrance/Access control
  • Sensors for door/windows
  • Presence sensors
  • Curtains controller
  • Gate control with a ramp
  • SOS button
  • and many more

The system is fully customizable and upgradable.

Have a look at the presentation we made for DrupalCamp Pannonia:

There are two main controlling units: Master control for security person or building manager and client unit with a tablet application in every room that needs to be controlled.

The application is built on top of React Native so it’s both for iOS and Android.
The whole system is developed in-house, from architecture, engineering, to hardware (controllers), UX, and application.

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