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Drupal Europe

Drupal Europe 2018

00000 Darmstadt

14.09.2018. 12:00

O događaju

DrupalCon Europe is taking a break, but it was loud and clear that the European Drupal community needs an opportunity to meet, connect and share. Because of this, we decided to organize Drupal Europe (the biggest Drupal event in Europe in 2018) with a group of community volunteers in collaboration with the Drupal eV (German Drupal Association) and the Drupal Europe Foundation. We'd like to update you on our progress and turn to you for input.

The community reimagines what a major Drupal event in Europe could be. Come experience it with us.

Darmstadtium in Darmstadt, Germany - with a direct connection to Frankfurt International Airport. Drupal Europe will take place 10-14 September 2018 with Drupal contribution opportunities everyday. Keynotes, sessions, workshops and BoFs will be from Tuesday to Thursday. Further program details to be announced later.

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