Izašao Drupal 8.2

Drupal 8.2 available

Kao što znate, Drupal je usvojio dinamični plan objavljivanja novih verzija a 5. oktobar (verovatno slučajno ;) je datum kada je objavljena nova verzija 8.2

Da ne prevodim nepotrebno, ovde je izvorno saopštenje a ovo su glavni momenti:

  • Easier to place and configure blocks on pages
  • Content moderation now included
  • Support for date ranges
  • Site building, content authoring, and administrative improvements
    • The user interface text has been improved on numerous administrative pages.es
    • The redirection of site-wide contact forms is now configurable.es
    • The comment view mode can now be selected in the display formatter form.es
    • Relative URLs are converted to absolute ones in generated RSS feeds (ensuring that images and links work wherever the feeds are used).es
    • Administrators can now elect to remove a module's content entities in order to uninstall the module.es
    • The internal page cache has been improved for 404 responses.
  • Platform features for web services